The Most Comprehensive Money Guide To Create Any Website

One of the first questions that come to mind before creating a website is, how much does it cost to build one?.

While WordPress core software is free, the cost of a website depends entirely upon your goals and needs.

When I decided to build a website, I didn’t even know where to start. I didn’t know anything about Domain or Hosting. So, I searched for everything on Google. I didn’t know how to code, design it, or anything like that. And after years of experience and hard work here I am.

Here I will break down this question to one best answer, what it costs to build a WordPress site? And, I will even show you how to minimize your spending of money and time along the way.

1. What Tools you Need to Build a Website?

For Every Website you always Need
  1. The domain name (e.g.,, is super crucial.
  2. Hosting (e.g., GreenGeeks, BlueHost, CloudWays) (it’s your site’s home).
  3. Website builder (e.g., WordPress, Wix, Weebly) by which you can make your site.

What is a Domain name?

Your domain name is your website’s address mine is, You can type in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., my Web address, and they will lead you to this site.

You can buy a domain name from a domain registrar (e.g., GoDaddy,, NameCheap). After that, you will own a right of using that domain for a specific period.

You need to renew it before a particular period expires to use it afterward. And let it expire if you are willing to lose it so that someone else can buy it.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is a house, for your site you place your complete website, on hosting so, that it would be available to your site’s visitors.

Often, the term web hosting refers to the company that rents out its servers to host your site and provides internet connectivity. So, it will be available to your site’s visitors around the clock whenever they visit your site.

So, the better your hosting provider’s servers are, the better it will be for your site.

Now, this is where I had a bad experience, never buy a poor hosting. Your site’s speed, ranking, SEO, or future it all depends upon your site’s hosting quality.

There are several different options in the market when it comes to hosting. There is Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, WordPress Hosting, etc.,

If you are going to create a WordPress website, I would recommend using a WordPress Hosting like GreenGeeks and BlueHost.

Some of the renowned Hosting companies are BlueHostGreenGeeks, SiteGround, CloudWays. I have personally used them, and I recently wrote, detailed reviews on them.

Just select any of their Hosting plans, change your domain’s nameservers to your Hosting servers, and you’re all set to go.

BlueHost and GreeGeeks are offering a free domain (usually $14/Year) plus a special discount (up to 60%) for our readers.

What is a Website Builder?

A website builder makes it super easy for you to manage and build a website the way you want to be. You can add SEO tags, Meta Data, and plugins,etc.,

No matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert-level website builder make it hassle-free to manage your site.

When starting to make a website, we have always recommended using self-hosted WordPress as a website builder. More than 32% of website owners are using WordPress.

One of my detailed guides covers why you should use WordPress?.

WordPress is a free and open-source software all you need is a Domain name and Hosting, to start building a Website.

2. Two ways to Make any Website

There are two ways to make the website first, hire an expert second, do it yourself.

The first step can cost anywhere from $5000 to $30,000 or even up.

The second step is more affordable.

Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can pretty much build any website as well as those developers can.

But if you don’t know the tools you need, you will end up spending much more then required. So, it’s crucial to know the tools you need to make a website.

3. What we did Wrong?

I tried to find answers to confusing questions even before the first step.

Should I hire a website designer or do I hire a website developer-first?

  • And then, how I should employ them?.
  • I don’t even know the A, B, C of creating a website, how can I trade with them?.
  • I don’t have a big budget, what if they do rip me off!?.
  • How can I trust them? I don’t even know who they are?.
  • How can I make them understand what I need?.
  • How can I get a refund?.

Plus some other confusing questions.

If you are making this same mistake that I made myself years ago, don’t do that!.

The answer is to do it all yourself!. You don’t need a team of highly creative website creators to do all of that (unless you don’t have, enough time).

4. Start with Tiny Steps

Take your first step, like other investments. If you are that afraid of spending, don’t invest $20,500 or $30,000 right away. Instead, go with a few hundred bucks.

Make a website yourself with our exclusive discount and our step-by-step guides.

You are not going to make Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, or even a Bike if you don’t know anything about an engine, how to fill gas, etc.,

“Start with little things, and big things will happen next”.

Start building a simple site, and see how it goes and if it doesn’t go well their will a little loss (if any).

And to minimize the chances of loss, ask yourself these five questions.

5. The question you Should ask Yourself

Why you Need a Website?

I know when I started my internet journey, my goal was to create a side income. And you should ask yourself this question it will depreciate your focus to one point.

I wanted to make an affiliate site so, I knew what features this website requires.

You may be wanting to make an online store, a blog, etc. Below you will see everything required for four types of websites (Small website, Advanced website, Online store, Custom built a website).

What’s your Budget to Build a Website?

The cost of building a website is not all about design or initial set up. In fact, the website design packages prices vary (too much).

It goes beyond that to monthly/annual maintenance of hostingdomain, and other services.

So, the total cost relies on two parts first, Designing of a website and initial setup second, monthly/annual maintenance of your site’s Domain, and Hosting.

Do you want to Manage your Site all by yourself?

Are you going to Hand over your site to a developer and designer or manage it all by yourself?.

Because after a designer designs your site, it might look flawless at that time, but it does need improvements afterward (it happened to me!).

Remember: No matter how well your site looks at first, you need to redesign it or even re-re-design it afterward.

One’s you better understand what your audience is. You will redesign your site (maybe a layout or a whole website).

So, it’s better to keep these aspects in mind before paying someone else.

What features are necessary to have “Right Now”? “Later on” and what features are “nice to have”?

I wanted to see every single feature on my website (70% of them were unnecessary). So, after realizing that I don’t even need these complexities anywhere on my site, I immediately got rid of them.

You should ask yourself if your website will fail if you don’t have every advanced feature in it?.

Businesses don’t fail because they lack certain unnecessary features but for not solving their customer’s problems.

You need to understand what you want and whatnot. It will minimize your cost to the maximum extent. And will also save you from a headache of unnecessary complexities.

Do you want to deal with Hosting, Technical aspects yourself?

It won’t be that hard for some people to manage all the hard work by themselves. But are you one of them?.

Can you deal with all of that tech by yourself (or want to hire someone)?

Well as WPPedia, make it super easy for Non-Techies to manage their WordPress websites it won’t be that for you, right?.

So, it won’t be a headache for you. Moving on now,

6. Let’s Evaluate your Question’s Results to find one Uncomplicated Answer

So, by now you should have the answers, to five questions (we asked above). By those five answers, you can choose a website category perfect for you.

A few of the categories when it comes to building a website are,

  • Small website with a minimum budget.
  • A more advanced website with more features.
  • Online store.
  • Custom built website.

7. How much does it cost to Build a Small Website?

Depending on your needs, a small website can cost anywhere from $100 to $300. Custom-built a website with more features (when hiring an expert) can go as high as $30,000 or even more.

Whereas, regarding a small website, all you need is a Domain name and a Hosting.

A domain name is usually $14.95/Year. And a Standard WordPress Hosting is $7.95/Month. Combining the costs, it all comes down to $110.35/Year.

It would be costly for beginners with a lower budget.

That’s why we have negotiated with BlueHost to give our readers a free Domain name (For 1st Year), free SSL, and a discount of over 60% on their Hosting Plan.

8. Cost to Create an Excellent Website (with more advanced features)

As your business grows and your audience, you can no longer rely on limited features. At first, you can make your website with free themes and plugins.

But, as your business grows, you will need more powerful hosting premium themes and premium plugins to stay ahead of the competition.

You can get started with a powerful Hosting like GreenGeeks they offer you more advanced features and resources. By using our GreenGeeks link, you can get 60% off.

You may want to use some premium themes for your website.

Monstroid-2 is a robust, lightweight, responsive, WordPress theme it has more than 200 pre-built websites. Choose your website type to make some modifications, and you’re good to go.

You will need some essential premium plugins for your WordPress website.

9. Essential premium plugins:


  • WPForms A Drag-and-Drop form builder.
  • Yoast Plugin for performing SEO at the best level.
  • Optin monster For a lead generation.

Designing your website:

  • Elementor A powerful Drag&Drop page builder.
  • Envira Gallery For a responsive gallery.


  • Constant Contact A plugin for email marketing.


  • Monster Insights Lets you Install Google Analytics.


  • Sucuri Firewall Best security plugin for WordPress.
  • UpdraftPlus Backup plugin for WordPress.

And many more Premium Plugins and services that you can add will increase your website cost even more.

Using the above essential Plugins, Themes, Hosting can cost anywhere from $500 to $800 annually.

10. Cost of Building an Online Store

An eCommerce store requires a dedicated hosting, some premium features, and more advanced level customer support team.

Breaking down the ExpensesDedicated hosting

It is built entirely to power an eCommerce store. Like BlueHost, they have a dedicated WooCommerce hosting plan for online stores.

WooCommerce is the most powerful and comprehensive eCommerce plugin in the market.

Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting plan comes with all the necessary features.

Some Essential Features

  • Dedicated Expert Team: Their expert team is ready to assist you anywhere around the clock.
  • Pre-Installed WooCommerce: Their WooCommerce Hosting Plan comes pre-installed with WordPress.
  • Free SSL: Security is what should come first when it comes to creating an online store. Therefore, they give a free SSL certificate.

So, an entry-level eCommerce website can cost as little as $200/Year. And you can increase that as much as you can with premium plugins and add-ons.

11. How much a Custom Built Website Costs?

Hiring an expert developer and a designer could be costly. It can go as far as $5000 to $30,000 or even more.

So, it all depends upon you what type of website you are going to build and how?

How can you Avoid Overpaying?

Like what I said above, start with small steps. That way reduces the chances of loss to a minimum. And you can avoid overspending easily.

WordPress has more than 1400 free themes and a tremendous number of free plugins. Start within your budget, always use WordPress Coupons and Discounts they can save you a lot of money.

And as your business grows and you start attracting more visitors, you can extend your site’s features. Use WordPress Hosting for better site optimization.

And for more powerful options consider using a managed WordPress Hosting, like CloudWays Hosting.

But remember no matter what, at least take your first step. Go with our discounts and get started for as little as $100/year and get.

I hope I answered, “how much does it cost, to build a website?”

How long does it take to design a website?

One straight answer to this question is, it depends. A web designer (or you) can design a website in one month or two days.

What is outsource website design cost?

It all comes down to the experience of the website designer, he could charge you $50 or $1000 or more. But getting afraid of the higher prices wouldn’t be a solution, I think.

How much does redesign website cost?

Again, it all depends on your needs. It depends upon your redesign requirements, and your budget. You could try getting a website design quote from a website designer, tell them your requirements and choose the best suited for your business.