Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Databases

This guide will cover everything about databases, going from basics to advanced.

1. What is Database?

The DataBase is a set of organized and structured data. In computer language, it is a software used to store and manage the data.

For Example, you have a cabinet having different sections in it. Each section has its files/data. And when you need some data to say images, you will choose that particular section (table) having images.

And you need to open/close, fix, secure that cabinet, so you’re managing, that cabinet right?. Just like that, WordPress uses MySQL as a Database Management system. Like, WordPress MySQL is open-source software.

MySQL works best with other software, like, LiteSpeed, Apache Web Server, PHP, and Linux operating system.

You need MySQL DataBase to install WordPress. That’s why all Hosting providers give MySQL all of their Hosting plans. And best Hosting providers offer 1-click installation for WordPress. You need to provide WordPress, with your MySQL information and it will handle the rest.

2. What is a DataBase Host?

A Host is a computer that is hosting your DataBase on a MySQL server. Hosting providers might be using a different name to manage MySQL servers. You can find them in your DataBase or MySQL section (in your Hosting Panel). You can reach out to your hosting provider for that concern.

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3. What is the SQL Query?

SQL issue instructions to DataBase servers to manage data. Guidelines issued by SQL are called queries. WordPress uses these queries to retrieve data to manage it and create Web Pages.

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is a programming language.

A standard MySQL query looks like.

 1 SELECT * FROM wp_posts WHERE ID = 23;

SQL can update, insert, delete, or create new tables. That’s how WordPress manages all the data by using SQL strings.

4. What is Database Table?

Like, the cabinet has sections. The DataBase has tables, which it uses to store and manage the Data. Like an ordinary table, each table has columns and rows. And each row is used to store data in it.

For Example, a standard table could be.



 Patient_Joinining date

 Patient_Phone no


Like so, WordPress will also create tables in your database.

For example, a default table created by WordPress could be.



 Patient_Joinining date

 Patient_Phone no


And these tables would have different columns.

For Example, for the wp_users, the columns could be.







MySQL Databases

You can manage large amounts of information over the web easily. MySQL databases are necessary to run many web-based applications, such as bulletin boards, content management systems, and online shopping carts.

In MySQL databases (hosting-panel>MySQL DataBases), you can create new DataBases, modify Databases. You can even add new SQL users and add new users to the table.

5. How to Manage WordPress DataBase?

In your WordPress DataBase, you can manage all your websites. So, it’s crucial to know how to use it the right way and do specific tasks. With that, you troubleshoot different issues, errors, and make your site more secure overall without having to get someone else’s assistance (mostly).

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For example, you can create a backup of your complete website (or selective parts) in your WordPress database (section). You can even add or remove different tables in this section.

You can use WordPress DataBase with phpMyAdmin. phpMyAdmin is an open-source web application used to manage MySQL databases.