11 Best Live Chat Software in 2021

Live Chat support is super important for your eCommerce business, and in this post we’ll deeply analyze and find the solution for this problem.

About 88.05% of online shopping carts were abandoned in March 2020. It means not converted into a purchase.

Live chat support is super compulsory for you to instantly reply to the questions to be asked by the consumers and mold them into paying customers.

In this post, I’m going to share with you the top 11 Best live chat software available in the market as of 2021.

1. Why do We Add Live Chat to Our Business? 

In a digital world, where speed is the key factor from overnight shipping to instant access to your product, your clients want the products easily.

Adding the live chat will increase the sales and conversionslowers the support cost, live chat software builds trust. AI chatbots play a crucial role, the satisfaction of the customers builds up the average order value, makes the website experience better, understanding the needs of your clients. 

Let’s get started with the live chat software list.  

2. UJET (Recommended Live Chat)

UJET Live Chat Software

The world’s first unrivaled cloud contact center manifesto for smartphone generation is UJET. Having innovative digital and in-app experiences, which fuses the brand experience around the whole market.

Its’ a custom-based platform. It’s a great choice for companies. The companies that come up with innovative cloud software with mobile phones and in-app supports.

UJET is perfect for mid-marketing and custom-based companies that are concentrating on modifying the customer service with well-authenticated cloud architecture, and all the advantages of the smart-phone era thesaurus. 


  1. The features communication part includes; pop-up chat, in-app messaging, and notifications. 
  1. Internal usage comprises; conversation archiving, knowledge base, customer profiles 
  1. Channels having the call logging, call recording, manual dialer, etc. 
  1. Functions having session routing, session queuing, IVR, concurrent calling, and inbound screen pop-up, 
  1. UJET administrative involves the; session summary notes, administrator access, reporting & dashboards. 


Features of voice and chat can be acquired one by one or as a bundle. 

  • CRM Adapters (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, Customer, and Custom 
  • Real-Time Supervisor Reporting and Monitoring 
  • In Call and Wait Time MMS/SMS Texting 
  • Agent, Manager, and Admin Training 
  • Full Implementation Services 

Free Demo: Yes 

Support: 24/7 (Live) 

3. Podium

Prodium Live chat software

A podium is an online platform where customers interact with local businesses to increase visibility, improved operations, and better purchase decisions.

This software collects reviews that matter the most, by texting it enables your site with Webchat, collecting the payments and gathering feedback for the experience to manage the customers on a single dashboard.

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  • Client’s observation (Customer’s feedback, competitive intelligence, examining the clients POV) 
  • Notice-board or report (user-friendly results, digital media monitoring) 
  • Employee’s Performance 
  • Connectivity (Pop-up chat, notifications, built-in messages) 
  • Business point of view (Web applications) 


Pricing model: Subscription 

Free trial: Available (No Credit/Debit card is required) 

4. LiveAgent

Live Agent Best Live chat software

In 2020, LiveAgent become the fastest live chat tool on the marketplace and marked as no.1 highest-reviewed software. It’s a feature-packed software that helps you optimize according to the customer interactions with a complete solution on your desk.

30,000+ companies are using LiveAgent for growth in their business.


  • Channels (Customer’s gateway, Live support, Email casing, Social interaction) 
  • Ticket Management (Hybrid ticket stream, Merging and splitting, smart routing, internal tickets, and notes, custom ticket fields) https://www.liveagent.com/blog/9-must-have-features-to-look-for-in-a-good-help-desk/ 
  • Platform (Dashboards, schedules, and personalization) 

Pricing and Plans 

  • Free trial is available. 
  • Starting price: $15.00/month (Ticket). 
  • $29/month including (ticket+ chat). 
  • All-inclusive $39/month. 

5. Freshdesk

Fresh Desk Live Chat service

Freshdesk is a cloud-based software. It turns on business opportunities to supply customer support. A platform with a concise number of widgets and features to assist businesses to support all the demands a customer wants. It gives you the features like AI-powered support chat-bots, predictive capabilities, and service management. Hundred thousand+ customers use Freshdesk for customer support.


  • Platform (Scheduling, user/role, and access management, dashboards, personalization) 
  • Ticket management (Responsive Automation, Ticket response experience, Attachments, Collaborations, Workflow) 
  • Social media interaction and Third-party integration. 
  • Channels (Email to Case, Live support). 

Pricing and Plans 

Freshdesk has 5 different pricing plans. The pricing plans depend upon agents.

  1. Sprout – $0 (unlimited free agents) 
  1. Blossom – $19/month billed agent or $15/ agent / month billed annually 
  1. Garden – $45/monthly or $35 / agent / month billed annually 
  1. Estate – $69 or 49$/ agent / month billed annually 
  1. Forest – $125/agent/month billed monthly or $99/agent/month billed yearly. 

6. LiveChat

LiveChat, online chatting servicesfor businesses

Livechat is premium software that gives instantaneous customer support and information. It’s a modern well-designed software amazingly for customer service. It offers a customized customer experience and better brand interaction to observe your customer’s pulse. 31,000+ companies use and trust this live chat software for enterprise-size businesses. 


  • Chat tools (Message’s sneak-peak, Chat tags, File sharing, Chat archives, Notifications, Chat transfer, Chat ratings) 
  • Customer engagement (Target messages, Chat buttons, URL rules, Ticket forms, Chat routing, Chat history, Chat transcripts) 
  • Customization (Personalization, Languages, Chat boosters, Agent profiles) 
  • Reports and Analytics (Data summary, Chat reports, Dashboard, Filters) 
  • Security (Encryption, Credit card masking, Storage, Access restriction, Visitor banning, Compliance, Single sign-up). 

Pricing and Plans 

5-minute installation · Try Team plan features for 14 days · No credit card required. 

  1. Starter – $16 per agent billed annually or $19 monthly. 
  1. Team – $33 per agent billed annually or $39 monthly. 
  1. Business – $50 per agent billed annually or $59 monthly. 

7. BirdEye

BirdEye live chat software services

Birdeye is a complete package online platform that attracts your customers and clients to become your marketing engine. About 60 thousand business companies use BirdEye live chat software for their day-to-day usage and the customers having access to this widget drives ratings and revenue.

This manifesto uses the insight gained from customers’ feedback over social channels and surveys to give a hand in business to make better decisions. 


  • Review analysis (Custom feedback, Dashboard, Real-time alerts, Review goals) 
  • Management tools, that confirm your business info is accurate and consistent. It has responses, templates, automation, spam detection, and a leaderboard.
  • Marketing analysis (feedback sharing, software review, profile completion, seller rating, and wealth snippets). 

Pricing and Plans 

Its pricing plan initializes at $299/month for a single location. The whole amount of BirdEye entrusts on the by-product you want to purchase and your multiple locations. 

BirdEye has a free demo trial for the users.

  • Standard Plan: $299/month for listening & reviews 
  • Professional Plan: $399/month for listening, reviews & interactions 
  • Premium Plan: Custom plan only comprises surveys, ticketing, insights, and benchmarking. 

8. Intercom

Intercom live chat software services

Intercom is a featured-packed live chat software for sales, marketing, and support. The 3 main factors comprise a live chat section for communication with customers. And an onboarding component for redirecting emails to convert clients into consumers. And an informational part to keep in touch with the customer’s queries.


  • Real-time updates, Real-time performance monitoring. 
  • Audience Segmentation, Live user data, and Team management. 
  • Intercom apps for iOS and User event tracking. 
  • Messages tagging, Conversation search, and Team inbox. 
  • Personalized reply templates, Pop-up chats, Targeted emails. 
  • In-app messages, In-bound email address, and Issue resolution. 

Pricing & Plans 

Intercom has several pricing plans available as follows: 

  1. Free trial is available. 
  1. The Start-up plan is $39/month. 
  1. The growth plan is from $99/month for five users. 
  1. Accelerator plan is from $499/month with annual pricing for ten users. 
  1. The scale plan is from $999/month, and annual pricing adding up to 10 users. 

9. Front-Chat

FrontChat live chat software services

Front-chat is one of the best live platforms which empowers the heart of the business and is designed to give you the live chat solution to customers. This manifesto is the easiest way for the tag teams to manage their live chats on Front-chat. Using this app, you can communicate with potential clients easily. You can collect every chat review in an integrated inbox.


  • Built-in functions for effectiveness and smart workflows. 
  • The conversations at one place. 
  • Assign chats and real-time notifications. 
  • Customized to match the user’s expectations. 
  • Multi-channel management. 
  • Native iOS and Andriod Apps. 
  • Search interface and custom integrations. 

Pricing & Plans 

  1. Starter – $19/person/month/annually billed. 
  1. Prime -$49/person/month/annually billed. 
  1. Enterprise -$99 /person/month/annually billed. 

10. Drift

Drift live chat software services

Drift-chat is a cloud-based manifesto that enlightens on making and qualifying leads, adjusting the meeting schedule bookings, and has a nice piece of integrations. A well-built platform to assist the business’s automation sales process by adding up live chat separate windows for the rising number of users and their commitment. 


  • Chat Routing 
  • Team (for multiple users, and teams) 
  • Mobile Apps (iOS and Android devices) 
  • Drift-chat widgets (for mobile and desktop users) 
  • Automation and personalized bots. 
  • Multiple inboxes. 
  • Live View feature. 
  • Conversational rating 
  • Conversational analytics

Pricing and Plans 

There are four paid pricing plans for Drift:

  1. The Standard Plan – $40/month and $20/month extra for additional chat users. 
  1. The Professional Plan –$400/month and $40/month extra for additional seats. 
  1. The Premium Plan –$1500/month and $80 extra for exceeding seats 
  1. Enterprise Plan – Custom-based pricing. 

11. FreshChat

FreshChat live chat software services

Freshchat is an innovative live chat messaging platform made for sales and user interaction teams on the websites. It assists the users’ chatting experience to be more advanced. And makes the conversations according to you and your clients’ expectations. It’s a product from Freshworkers utilized worldwide for business purposes. 


  • Real-time Conversations and push notifications. 
  • Routing, Team Widgets, and in-app campaigns 
  • Smart-plugins, Canned response Groups, and Labels. 
  • Integrations, Bulk Actions, Private notes, Customer satisfaction score. 
  • Self-based services, Real-time dashboard, and Multilanguage feedbacks. 
  • Web-chats, chat-bots, Mobile apps (iOS and Andriod), and unlimited contact list. 

Pricing and Plans 

  1. A free trial is available. 
  1. Sprout Plan – Free of cost 
  1. Blossom Plan -$15/monthly. 
  1. Garden Plan -$29/monthly. 
  1. Estate Plan -$45monthly. 

12. GistChat

Gist Chat live chat software services for websites

Gist live chat messenger is a full-stack, power-packed live chat solution-built software. It assist you to generate a customer experience. It’s a suite of widgets that helps businesses for marketing, sell and communicate with their consumers. 


  • Email Marketing 
  • Sleek design and personalization 
  • Communicative widget 
  • Knowledge-based sharing tool 
  • Campaigns and interaction tracking 
  • Multi-channel communication 
  • Workflow configuration 

Pricing and Plans  

Gist chat support and Gist marketing pricing plan includes: 

  1. It’s free for new users. 
  1. Professional Plan – $48/monthly billed – comprises 1,000 contacts and 5 chat seats 
  1. Premium Plan – $128/monthly billed – comprises 1,000 contacts and unlimited chat-seats.  

13. Covering Up

Choosing a Live Chat support service is super important, and I have pointed all the features and pricing plans to make it super clear to you. Everyone has their preferences.

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