Best Free Landing Page Plugin for WordPress

I know it can be quite overwhelming when choosing the best landing page designer plugin in the WordPress market. 

The top 3 plugins in the WordPress website customization are, Elementor, WPBakery, and Beaver Builder

Top-3-Page-builders-Elementor-beaver-Builder-WPBakery to Create best Landing Page

And of course, there are some other cool plugins available, but these three plugins took it too far.

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If you’ve been in the WordPress customization craze for quite a long time, then you might have used these three website customization plugins. And if you’re a beginner, Don’t Worry, I’m going to put you on the right track.

WordPress-website-customization-master for the Landing Page Builder

1. Why do I love Elementor Page Builder?

Now for me, I’m a great fan of Elementor. And you can build a crazy cool landing page with it.

And of course, I’m not going to tell you, “Hey, It’s the best plugin on our planet, so go for it.”

We’ll discuss every single feature of the Elementor page builder.

Pro Tip, Discussing all the features of Elementor will take some time so, get a cup of coffee with you.

Features of Elementor

I’m going to start the topic with the editor, and we’ll briefly discuss the features that this landing page builder has to offer.

Features-of-elementor landing page builder

Visual Design Experience

With the editor, you can design the website visually, without writing a single line of code. Yes, you can add a custom CSS code, but it’s optional.

Visual-design-Experience of the Elementor landing page builder

The drag and drop editor makes designing a lot more fun. And the instant live preview, while making any changes, makes it super helpful.

You can customize or design every single detail of your website.

Full Site editingCustomize the entire website (header, footer, and page) on one screen.
NavigatorWe are all familiar with the copy/paste/cut functions so, working with the Elementor looks quite familiar and intuitive. It gives you the maximum layout control.
FinderFinder helps a lot when you need to find something, type in the keyword, and all the related information will pop up.
SaveWith the revision history, you can always go back to your previous edits. And the autosave makes your life a whole lot easier.
ReuseYou can easily use the elements you created on other pages or designs with the Global option.
Global Color and FontsWith the help of Global colors and fonts, you can ensure consistency across your site.

You can reuse the custom CSS on other designs by saving them as Global CSS.

2. The Design you Can Create with this Landing Page Builder

The all-in-one designer tools help you build a pixel-perfect layout.

Elementor-Design for the landing page builder plugin
Motion EffectsWith the powerful animation and interactions, you can add horizontal and vertical scroll effects. You can animate any part of your website.
Custom PositioningWith freehand design experience, create any design with position absolute, fixed position, vertical, and horizontal flex alignments.
Shape DividersCreate eye-catching background designs with over 26 shape divider options.
Lightbox overlayAdd amazing facts with a lightbox overlay that pops up when someone clicks on the button or the link.
ResponsivityThanks to the responsivity option, you can separate the designs for mobile, pc, and tablets. It’ll make your site 100% responsive, no matter the device.

3. Marketing with the Elementor Landing Page Builder

Elementor gives you everything you need to create a powerful website that will drive in leads, sales, and conversions.

Design Landing PageIt’s the best drag-and-drop landing page builder, flexible, powerful, and intuitive. You can easily create beautiful landing pages.
Popup BuilderBuild highly effective popups and start converting visitors into paying customers or get leads.
Form BuilderWith Elementor, you can build forms visually that convert better and help get a better user experience.
IntegrationsYou can easily integrate your favorite marketing tools with the Elementor like MailChimp, Facebook, Dribbble, and more.
WidgetsGet a full set of professional widgets to streamline your marketing efforts.
Ever-GreenThe evergreen timer means all visitors get the same time frame, regardless of when they enter the page.

4. Theme Builder

When it comes to the website design, header footer, the Elementor theme builder makes it super simple and easy.

Site structureCreate your site structure, see what parts are using, missing, or need a fix. 
Easily accessibleImprove your workflow by accessing all of your site parts in one place.
Conditional DisplayYou can set the conditions that determine how and where each of your site parts will display.
WidgetsGet all the widgets you need inside the theme builder widget section.

And the list goes on and on.

There’s a lot more the Elementor page builder has to offer you, and the design process will make you a Guru.

Elementor Free VS Pro

Elementor free vs pro

No doubt, the free version Elementor is quite useful powerful and provides many features at no cost.

But the Elementor Pro version is for the people, that want real experience and want to get in the Game of website customization. 

Elementor Pro has all the features and everything that you will ever need when customizing the website.

Why I recommend using Elementor Pro


Choosing the free or pro version of Elementor is all your choice, solely. If you want to learn the new skills, and gain massive knowledge on design and you really want to be creative and think outside the box, I would highyl recommend you to spend a few more bucks, and get the pro version.

And believe me, it’ll worth the effort and time spent on creating and customizing your website.