WordPress In A Nutshell, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Today there are many website builders out there, and they work just fine. But, why do so many people prefer WordPress even though it’s super old?

No worries, because in this post, I have eight bomb-proof reasons, why you should use WordPress for your site? Let’s break them down one-by-one.

Before these reasons, let me first tell you why WordPress is the King?

WordPress powers 33.3% of all the websites on our planet (almost 1.6 billion), making it the most used/trusted website builder out there.

It’s pretty flexible and has a vast number of features to offer. And that’s why some of the more prominent brands use WordPress.

And that’s pretty cool to show how powerful WordPress is.

1. WordPress is Free

WordPress is Free, and how you can really enjoy it, and create your own WordPress Website

There are so many website builders out there. Let’s take Wix for an example, which is powering 7% of all the websites on the internet.

Wix’s starter plan costs around $20/month. And the world’s most powerful website builder is free (are you kidding me?). And that’s why you should go with WordPress (we love free stuff).

That’s why website developers recommend using WordPress. It’s a super flexible and most powerful hero (of websites) with robust features to offer.

While WordPress itself free but you need a domain and hosting to use word press.

A domain name is what your site visitor type in “Url” to see or come to your website. My domain is wppedia.org, so my site’s visitors have to type in wppedia.org in the URL section to go to my site.

While hosting is a home/house for your website. Where you put all your media files, content etc. in your website’s home (hosting).

And remember, the better hosting you have, the better will be the user experience (for your site), SEO, optimization factors, ranking (by SEO), and lesser bounce rate.

And if you are saying, “I’m a beginner, and I want to save hundreds of dollars and time by choosing one ultimate hosting, suggest me something?.” Then choose Bluehost. They are one of the best hosting providers on our planet (Earth, maybe). They are one of the four only Hosting providers officially recommended by WordPress itself.

Their starter plan costs around $7/m. But, we have negotiated with Bluehost for a small discount (actually a huge one) of 60% for our visitors. And you also get a free domain name usually $14/y (cool, right?). Heck, you can get started with just $2.75/m.

If you want professionals to make your site, then my team is right here waving at me. You can drop your contact details, and they will be in touch with you soon.

Or you can make it yourself by our step-by-step super easy guide.

Hey, if you need most potent hosting (not for small businesses) then use Cloudways. They offer you dedicated hosting plans, by Google, Amazon and Digital Ocean (big brands).

Anyway, let’s move on to another reason.

2. WordPress is Pretty Easy

WordPress is free and easy

Using WordPress is not that hard as you heard before. You now A, B, C, that’s it you know WordPress too (just kidding but it’s super easy). Here on wppedia.org, we have dozens of easy step-by-step tutorials to take you from complete beginner to advanced user of WordPress.

Just get a domain and hosting which you can get at Bluehost (offering free domain name). Install WordPress by their one-click installation. Download a theme, some plugins, move here and there, and you are good to go.

By having the world’s most powerful website builder, WordPress is pretty flexible too.

Another reason.

3. Easy Site Customization with Themes and Plugins

WordPress site customization is easy with themes and plugins

In WordPress themes section, you have almost 1400 professional themes for free. And hundreds of plugins are free. Even these themes and plugins are free; it doesn’t mean it would be hard to customize your site. In reality, it’s more than comfortable than anything.

Just select your theme install it, activate it and boom! It’s live. For plugins, the same thing fits it and activate it that’s it.

Of-course the theme you just activated is not looking the way you want it to be, or you want, some modifications. For that, you have dozens of page builders (theme designers you can call) to make a choice.

The one I recommend the most is Elementor, it’s pretty easy (drag & drop), dozens of options and have everything to cover up even in the free plan.

With Elementor, you can create professional web-pages or even a whole website in mere minutes. But you get an idea of why it’s damn easy to customize WordPress websites with themes and plugins, right?.

4. Safe and Secure

WordPress is safe and secure

All those more prominent brands Facebook, PlayStation, etc., are so well protected. Because WordPress created by giving security great respect. But still, you can’t just let your website in wrong hands. You have to take some steps from your side too.

Use Sucuri for your website against powerful attacks like we do for wppedia.org.

5. WordPress is Easy to Manage

WordPress is easy to manage

WordPress has a built-in update function that allows you to update any plugin or theme inside your WordPress admin’s dashboard.

You can also make use of WordPress mobile apps to manage WordPress on your mobile/tablet pretty easily.

And of-course a backup plugin to save all your content on your desired location when your website is in danger (under attack).

6. WordPress has a Lot of Free Stuff

WordPress has a lot of free stuff available

As a complete beginner, when you don’t have enough budget to buy a $20/month subscription. Or premium services that allow you to set up (a complex) website for you.

Then choosing a great website builder with robust features and yet easy to manage platform for free is a great option.

Secret: I chose WordPress for my very first site because of all these reasons I mentioned, or a few more.

And like I said you have hundreds of free plugins like Yoast SEO, Astra site starter and Elementor which is pretty much everything you need to make a professional website.

7. WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress is SEO friendly

In websites, the most important thing you should be working on is SEO. Because of no matter how many posts or a beautiful site you have what would it do, if no-body even know about it.

Of-course SEO takes some time. But having a great hosting and a professional website, built with a powerful website builder is extremely important if you want better SEO for your website.

That’s where WordPress comes in, giving you the whole new experience of an SEO world. That allows you to boost up your website’s SEO with WordPress’s simple settings.

8. You can learn about WordPress Easily

You can learn about WordPress easily

Yep, right WordPress powering almost 33.4% of the whole internet. And you can pretty much find every solution related to WordPress problems.

Because on the internet, almost 80% of resources available for websites are for WordPress based websites. And it’s free, so you don’t have to buy anything else which is less critical.

So, there is no excuse of not being able to build a website you don’t need any coding, any geeky skills, colossal money or something near to it. All you need is a dedicated mind willing to be successful.

9. Summary

  1. First of all, WordPress is free, but WordPress is free. And you need domain and hosting.
  2. A domain usually costs around $14/y and 9$/m for a standard hosting plan.
  3. But you can get a free domain and one of the best hostings for just $2.75/m by using this link.
  4. So, it means there is every ultimate reason urging you to build a site with WordPress. Plus no excuse on your budget. We negotiated for a discount with one of the WordPress itself recommended Best Hosting Providers.
  5. And if you need most potent hosting (not for small businesses) then choose dedicated hosting by Google, Amazon and Digital Ocean at Cloudways.

Still got some questions?. Let me answer them leave a comment below.