360-Degree WordPress Plugins, to Rule Them All

Now, we all know, the all-around 360-degree rotating product makes the visitor super interested, then a simple static image.

But to create one, I thought it’d be rocket science or something until I discovered these three 360-degree product viewer plugins.

In this post, I’ll mention their features, and to be specific, what are you going to get in it.

1. Easy 360-Degree Product Viewer

Easy 360-Degree Product Viewer

This 360° product viewer has built on years of research and interactive 2D, 3D, linear product visualizations, and focus on details.

Adding a 360° 2D, 3D, or linear product is straightforward, add your images in the viewer playlist, customize the settings to fit your design, and add it to your page.

The markers and hotspots let you display information about the products on specific regions of the image.

  • Links
  • Small info window
  • Detailed info window

The optional controls give you more control over the product.

  • Horizontal and Vertical rotation
  • Pan movement 
  • Next and Previous image 
  • Zoom and Slideshow 
  • Custom links 
  • Information about the product 
  • Fullscreen and more

The deep zoom allows the users to view the product images in greater detail, and the high-resolution lazy loading images makes it even better.

Some of the features that stand out to me are.

  • Powerful image rotator

It allows you to display any image from different angles of 2D, 3D, or linear view.

  • Responsive layout

The responsivity of the website is super crucial regarding UX. It also affects the rankings. And the responsive layout of this plugin helps you stand out.

  • Unlimited skin design possibilities

You can upload the images in a .png format, so there are endless possibilities for skin design just replace the .png files used for the skin with your own.

  • WooCommerce support

All features and settings work exactly like in the WordPress version there are no restrictions.

And a lot more.

2. Smart Product Viewer

Smart 360-degree-product-viewer

This plugin lets you skyrocket your sales by enhancing the UX (user experience).

The 360-degree product rotation looks super convincing, and it’s even better when backed with the motion controls.

Some of the features worth mentioning are.

  • Easy Shortcode and Widget Integration
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Fullscreen Lightbox
  • Spin/Animate on Page Scroll
  • Drag & Drop Images Manager
  • Fully Responsive
  • Simple Mouse Interaction
  • Support for Touch Dev

And one of the features that I like the most is product animation super cool, highly interactive, and fun.

Take a look at the demo, and decide yourself.

3. Conclusion

Both of these plugins are good, and their developers update them and add new features regularly.

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So, in my opinion, it all depends on your satisfaction level. But if you’re looking for an advanced and futuristic 360° product viewer, then choose Easy 360° Product Viewer that will make your life a whole lot easier (your website’s life). 

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